September 17, 2012

Master’s thesis: Self-Adapting System

The FGA System (Fine-Grained Semi-Automated Runtime Adaptation) allows developers to modify UML diagrams of a running java application and automatically propagate these changes to the running instance.

It is based on @Java, ReverseR and JavAdaptor.

It helps closing the gap between models and code, so we can say it is a mechanism for co-evolution.

SelfAdapting-System (english)


August 14, 2012

Bachelor’s thesis: Algorithms for 3D Bin Packing

Thesis in operational research with professor Marco Trubian.

Study and implementation in C of a recent heuristic algorithm solving the 3D bin packing problem.

The algorithm needs the lower bound of Boschetti. It starts from an initial solution built with a first-fit heuristic, depending on 6 different types of orderings.

The heuristic is made of two different procedures: the first one optimizing the disposition of objects inside a single bin, the second moving objects from different bins trying to reduce the number of bins used (2 layered approach). The search is a tabu-search algorithm.
The search space is reduced by using a graph representation of the object disposition.

The testing phase involved the comparison of the result of the 6 different ordering algorithms and the lower bound given by Boschetti.

Algoritmi per il bin packing 3D (italian)