Game Design: development of an MMO


August 15, 2012

Game Design: development of an MMO

Group project for the Online Game Design couse.

Development of an MMO game, from the idea to the realization.

Mousikè: Protect the harmony of two crossed realities.

The virtual world of Music has been living in peace for centuries, fed by human abilty to create melodies. But in the last century Man has strengthen the power of the Noise: technology, machines, cars… all this noise pollution fed the Noise and now he invaded the Music Kingdoms! He opened a portal with the noisy human world in every kingdom, from which he can spread his corruption and slowly conquer the Music World.

It’s up to you to restore the natural balance between Music and Noise!

Mousikè world is based on music theory, for example players are all singers and their classes are: basso, baritono, tenore, contralto, mezzo-soprano, soprano.

Mousikè is a cross-media game: it is played both on PC and on smartphone, but its innovative feature is that the two parts are complementary.

The PC part is a traditional MMORPG game, where the player is represented by its avatar, has a physical world to explore, objects to collect and major and minor quests. The major quest is to temporary close the portal with the real world in the virtual world, with the help of an agent (a smartphone player) on the other side.

The smartphone part is a game to be played in the streets of the cities. The main goal is to find the root of the portal and close it on this side of the world. This part is open to extensions, special events to be organized with musical events in cities (especially during the summer period).

A demo version was developed with the Unity3d Game Engine and Smart Fox Server.

Second placement at  Game Designers 2011 contest.